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Achieve Your Dreams Sustainable Hotel Interior Design

Sustainable interior designs that meet the current needs of hotel clients without jeopardizing island’s future health

After the rush of the holidays are over and you are contemplating your business plans, you might be saying, “What does the future hold for the hotel industry?” “What do our guests want?” “What will bring more revenue to our business.

As savvy business owners already know, it’s that both hotels and their guests want mostly the same things. Hotel’s want their businesses to have a healthy profit margin, quality employees and happy/repeat customers. Guests want comfortable surroundings with all the amenities, reasonable prices and to feel good about the businesses they patronize.

The business plan that satisfies all of these wants, of both hotels and their guests, is sustainable interior design or going “green.” Now before you say sustainable interior design is not possible for our business, read the rest of this article and then contact Alexander K Consulting to discuss the possibilities.

Going green is good for your business, not only on a public relations level, but I bet you didn’t know that it can save you money as well. Your hotel can go green with just a few simple changes or you can go all out. You can simply change your bedding and towels or you can go all out by changing your hotel’s electric system or configuration.

No matter which way you decide to go, changing one thing or upgrading it all, going green will make you money in the long-run. Green hotels cost less to run, there are less maintenance costs and you will save money through an improvement in the health of your employees along with increased productivity.

Five Affordable, Easy Tips to Help Achieve Sustainability:

  • Supply recycled paper products for both guests and staff incl-uding toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue and copy paper. They are high quality, hygienic, sturdy and help save millions of trees a year. And, a big plus, they are getting softer all the time!
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs. You can start now by replacing one by one burned out bulbs. It costs a little more at first but you won’t have to replace them as often and they will save you in electricity costs.
  • Cleaning chemicals when combined with each other can cause hazardous reactions to humans and pets as well as harming the environment. Cleaners are available that are made with natural materials that are safe for the environment and clean just as effectively as their chemical agent counterparts and are affordable.
  • Towels and sheets made of organic fibers such as organic cotton and bamboo. Like recycled paper products they are getting softer and more luxurious with every manufacturing. Also provide guests with the option of not having their sheets and towels changed every day. This saves chemicals from being put into the environment and saves millions of gallons of water.
  • Finally, this tip has a heavy initial cost and is only recommended if you are already changing the plumbing. This option is changing the toilets to low-flow toilets and changing shower heads to the low-flow variety. This option is definitely not for everyone but will save many gallons of water and will, in the long run, lower your water and electricity bills.

Beauty & Purpose aim is to develop interior design solutions that meet and exceed your expectations while keeping your budget in mind. Beauty & Purpose offers its clients a range of high-end quality products including a wide range of fabrics, lighting and accessories that will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and stay within the realm of sustainable interior design standards contact us on +230 5 2563475 for more information or email info.houseofkay@gmail.com . Base in Mauritius