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Bio of Karen Alexandre, Owner at Beauty and Purpose

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Karen Alexandre was born in Curepipe Mauritius, her passion for design started at the age of 7 years old when she designed and sold hair ties from left over fabrics. Karen developed an interest for art, design and fashion during her schooling at St Andrews College. At 18 years Karen won the Elite Model look contest for Mauritius and she travelled to Reunion island . At 21 years old she was elected as Miss Mauritius and went for the Miss Universe competition in Puerto Rico. In that same year she also joined the Top Model of the world competition in Germany and went to crown Miss reunion.

Karen has been an entrepreneur since early age. In 1999, at the early age of 19 years old she set up her home office at her parents place and got her first paid job as interior designer for a Restaurant . Karen then registered her interior design company in 2000, and has worked as interior designer ever since; designing villas, hotels, restaurant and providing design consultancy for how to create a better living environment. In 2010 Karen started writing a book which was published early 2014 and is now widely distributed in Mauritius.

Karen created the Beauty & Purpose brand in 2013, because she believes that quality comes from the right alignment between beauty and purpose. She is the author of “Collectible Fairy tales: Beauty & Purpose” to support the preservation of local cultural wisdom through storytelling for showcasing the relationship between beauty and purpose . Karen uses her experience as beauty pageant to help promote the cultural richness of the Island of Mauritius. She also supports organization in their brand communication, locally and internationally. As an interior designer, Karen and her team apply the “Beauty & Purpose formula” for ecological interior design.